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« French idea, made in USA… »

Nothing is more important today for our health, our vitality and our wellbeing than consuming pure water, which is why, in order to be transparent to our consumers, it is our duty and our pleasure to tell you about the origin and quality of our OsmozeWater products.

OsmozeWater is an enhanced, vapour-distilled, light, ultra-pure water available in three versions. Enhanced with oxygen, magnesium or electrolytes.

OsmozeWater is the culmination of a Franco-American idea and design. To tackle the escalation in soil contamination as a result of discharges of chemical, medicinal and industrial pollutants, hydrodistillation, a technique perfected in the USA over many years, produces a purer water than its natural origins… OsmozeWater will offer a real alternative to the mineral waters normally consumed and other sugary drinks...

OsmozeWater is produced using cutting-edge "hydrodistillation" technology, which simulates the water cycle's natural purification process to give an ultra-pure, light, refreshing water that is more in tune with nature…

The source of the water used for OsmozeWater is a natural aquifer in the Catskills Mountains in the USA, protected and managed under FDA government regulations*. In addition, it undergoes "vapor distillation" filtration and purification, which are also governed by these same strict regulations.

*Food and Drug Administration USA

Vapor distillation reproduces the water cycle's natural purification process without the use of chemicals. Water is brought to the boil to produce steam. This steam is then cooled quickly to create minuscule water droplets, free from any contaminants and other organic elements…

Electrolytes are ionised minerals. The unique blend of calcium, magnesium and potassium in OsmozeWater is essential for your body to maintain its pH level, especially when your body is active, but it also creates a pleasant, fresh, pure and different taste!

OsmozeWater is free from sodium, sugar, calories, colours or artificial sweeteners. OsmozeWater is gluten-free and contains none of the allergens designated and defined by the Food & Drug Administration (milk, eggs, starch, nuts, fish, shellfish, soya, wheat).

Bisphenol-A is known as an endocrine disruptor, which could be hazardous for health.

BPA Free* means that all OsmozeWater bottles are free from bisphenol-A.

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