Privacy policy

The protection of your privacy is important to us. We therefore hope that the following information will help you understand how we collect, use and save the personal data you chose to share with us by using our website.

I. What kind of information do we collect when you visit our website?

When you visit the Google statistical tool we use collects basic information regarding your browser. For instance, it references the browser and operating system you are using, the time you have spent on the website, and the pages you have viewed. All this information allows us to better understand how the visitors use our website, and to better meet their expectations as buyers. Besides, when you proceed to pay for the order you have placed in our shop, we collect such personal information as your name, your address, your postal code, your phone number, etc. This information is required for us to ship your goods.

II. We do not share personal data.

At no point will we share the information we collect with third-parties or any other websites. All the information you entrust us with, are entirely private and are used solely to process and ship your order. When you chose to allow it, we will send you promotional emails using your email, but at no point will we sell or give out your email to another website or mailing list.

III. How to unsubscribe from the newsletter.

If you chose to subscibe to the newsletter or to our promotional emails and later decide to unsubscribe, we have set up a very simple procedure to remove your address from our mailing list. You can also find a simple form to unsubscribe under the section of your account.

IV. Customer questions regarding personal data.

If ever you have questions regarding your personal data, if you wish to modify your personal profile or remove your email address from our promotional mailing list, all you have to do is sent us a request by email.

V. Protection of your private data.

All your personal data is protected.

VI. Terms of use

Welcome to our website. By going further with your visit of this website, you agree to the terms of use mentioned below, which, together with our personal data protection policies, regulate the relationship between osmozewater and you on this website. The terms "osmozewater" and "we" refer to the owners of this website. The term "you" refers to any person visiting or using our website. The use of this website is subject to the following terms of use: The contents of the pages composing this website are for your general information and use only. It is likely to be subject to change without notice. Whatever particular purpose is made of the information and content of this website, neither we not a nor a third-party can guarantee that they are relevant, up-to-date, or in agreement with your needs, complete or appropriate. You hereby delare that you are fully aware that the information and content can be inaccurate or contain mistakes and we hereby decline all responsibility regarding these inaccuracies or mistakes, as permitted by law. The use of all information or content derived from this website is at your own risk and we shall not be held responsible for it. It is your responsibility that the goods, services and all other information available on this website match your specific needs. This website and all the elements composing are owned or licensed by us. These elements include the conception, the page layout, visual rendering, appearance and graphic design. Their reproduction is forbidden outside the circumstances allowed by the copyright declaration, which is part of the present terms of use. All trademarks used on this website which are not owned or licensed by its operator are referenced as such on the website. Any non-authorized use of this website will be considered a violation and will give rise to a claim for damages. Sometimes, this website will include links to other websites. These links will feature for your convenience and so as to provide you with further information. This does not mean we subscribe to their content. We hereby decline all responsability for the contents or the website(s) of the linked pages. The use you make of this website together with all disputes arising from its use are subject to French law.

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